Twittermeal.com is the portal for “travelling around” and local foodies, We try to inform you about the best meal in town, not like others just with a standard restaurant overview. The best meal can be everywhere, in a supermarket around the corner, in a pop-up-restaurant, at the beach or in a park, a restaurant middle in the city or in a suburb.

The best meals can be available every day, during a seasonal event or as invitation only; Twittermeal likes to inform you about it. Independent, not related to any other website and Ad Free.

Twittermeal will inform you about those venues and meals on a regular basis on Facebook and Twitter; follow us and you won’t miss a thing.

Our tips are safe! We don’t send spam or commercial information; just summarized information! You will not find unnecessary details, just the information and (when available) a link to the event, venue or background information.

Twittermeal goes for the meal so you will find also;

- Costly Restaurants, if you don’t like that don’t go
- Cheap meals and bargains; so go for it
- Not only fancy interiors; so look to your own company or just enjoy the bad taste of the designer
- Also less friendly service, don’t tip the waiter
- Not limited to central locations, please enjoy the ride to your meal

But the meal must be great!

Search / how it works:

Twittermeal allows you the search as you like, by name, specialty, dish, group, city, district, region, country or text of your choice.

By clicking the header you will find more detailed information such as categories;

Kitchen Chef (General and posted by us)
Sous Chef (posted by our selected contributors)
R (Remy). Rat (promising information on the internet)
Evergreens (we know the place by multiple visits)

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