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Ibiza Island, the best restaurant for great dining

Great dining on the island known as party island or the healthy “spa and resort” island.. Yes… you van do! Our favorite is a combination of fancy food… nice people.. healthy… you will find this great place in a Temple. Not direct on the beach but worth it to visit. Enjoy the great food in [...]

NAGAYA Dusseldorf, first class Japanese food!

NAGAYA Dusseldorf, first class Japanese food! First Class, excellent and luxury restaurant Japanese Restaurant in Dusseldorf Germany. Not only fresh and a-la-minute made Sushi and Sashimi but also a wide selection of Main Courses. All dishes are served as “art” One advice, dress for a night out in this “high-end” restaurant, comfortable a michelin-star service. [...]

Good food – A day at the San Francisco Beach

Khan Toke Thai House Restaurant - San Francisco Beach  Traditional Thai restaurant on Geary Boulevard in the area close to the San Francisco South Bay. With less spicy, regular spicy and very spicy food, all with traditional interior, no shoes allowed, and a beautiful Asian garden in the back; “A journey to Asia.” Very close to [...]

Rome restaurant tip, lunch and diner

1 year old but still new restaurant in the Vatican area of Rome with a very nice 10€ lunch all you can eat buffet. For dinner the service is perfect. Beautiful and stylish interiors in “fifth avenue style”  black and white with artistic touch. Romantic but also for e serious business lunch or dinner. The Argentinians [...]

Target Restaurant, Rome Italy. Good!

Central located in Rome. A good (a great restaurant!)right behind piazza repubblica. They serve typical roman food. Very convenient for lunch time where they have everyday a very divers lunch meals to choose from for approximately 10 euros and very fast service so also good for business lunch. For diner you can take more time, [...]

Drinks, Cocktails! The best cocktail bar in Amsterdam

A pretty new place in Amsterdam. Located in the old city centre of Amsterdam a new secret place. ( A upcoming hot spot for locals and cocktail lovers. A real cosy place, real bartenders and wide range of sublime cocktails, classics and your favorite custom mades (what we did!) Walking distance from the red light district, [...]

Barcelona Tapas and wine – Bar del Pla

We went there 3 times (once a year) A bit hidden in the city centre of Barcelona but worth exploring. Take the lamb, best lamb dish we ever had! Beautiful presentation of dishes, perfectly balanced food. Service is almost over the top and very friendly but authentic. Finish your great diner with desserts (yes multiple) [...]

Mozzarella Bar in Rome and Milan and more Cool! Obika

Different varieties of Mozzarella di Bufala and other Italian Specialities, Organic Salads, Pastas, Wine Bar and Cafe. Obika Absolut tip: try the Mozzarella di Burro which means Butter in Italian and try the Mozzarella Straciatella which is not the Ice cream but very creamy and delicious. It comes with salad tomatoes basil and pesto, and is [...]

Bord’eau, Hotel de L’Europe Amsterdam TOP!!

Simple! The best restaurant of Holland. When you like the real classic France cuisine in a luxury ambiance, high-end services and all of this in the right balance where young, old, business and pleasure meet each other.You have to go to this fabulous restaurant middle in the centre of Amsterdam. Bord’eau the ‘replacement’ for former [...]

Rome, great diner.. don’t like food at all? ; go for the wine! Ferrara Ristorante

We had the roman artichoke (which looks like a flower) and is crispy fried so that even the leafs are delicious. Inside you walk over the wine cellar and will be able to look through the floor and see it… The outside seating, in particular the room terrace with wine leafs above is very romantic [...]

Vivi Bistrot, (picknick) restaurant in the largest park in Rome!

Immersed in the park of Villa Doria Pamphili, ViVi Bistrot is a place of inspiration and the feminine touch of Provence. Its atmosphere is transformed during the day, offering breakfast, lunch, tea time English and dinners by candlelight. Daniela Cristina, creators of ViVi Bistrot, have designed a magical place where the culture of hospitality is [...]

Antwerp city centre restaurant “in de schaduw van de kathedraal”

Restaurant in de schaduw van de kathedraal “in the shadow of the cathedral” We had lunch in this famous place. Middle in the historic centre of Antwerp. This classic restaurant is situated between touristic restaurants and fast (bad) restaurants and pizza restaurants. We had again a great lunch; chefs salad, a rich salad with lobster, [...]

Ralph’s by Ralph Lauren Paris Classy dining, lunch, some drinks and more in style

Paris Classy dining, lunch, some drinks and more in style Ralph’s Saint Germain by Ralph Lauren Paris. Don’t click this topic away! Excellent place for your diner, lunch some drinks like hight tea inside or in the lovely garden. Located in one of the best shopping streets in Paris. Boulevard Saint Germain you find Ralph’s. This [...]

BEST ICE CREAM SHOPS Rome Italy -Short lists-

Our best Ice Cream Shops in Rome, close to the Vatican: 1)     Ice cream@ Piazza Risorgimento (Gelateria Old Bridge‎, Viale dei Bastioni di Michelangelo 5, 00192 Rome, +39 06 3872 3026) 2)     Ice cream@ Prati “Siciliano” (Gelarmony 2, Via Marcantonio Colonna, 00192 Rome, +39 06 3202395) 3)     Ice cream@ Prati “Gracchi” (Gelateria dei Gracchi, Via [...]

Milan, Milano; A Santa Lucia Restaurant (Italy) A must see and eat in Milan!

A Santa Lucia Restaurant. One of the place to be or hotspot in Milan! Open for real italian dinner times (late!)  Beautiful visitors and guests. Not only for the looks… Also actors, writers and designers will find this place. It’s a monument in the centre of Milan, the ‘30s, same chairs, mirrors, tables, lamps, the wood on [...]

San Francisco Chez Panisse Must see and taste restaurant

We simple can quote their own website, what we have to say more! Enjoy a stunning evening with classic food and atmosphere including excedent service all with a modern ‘twist. See you at Chez Panisse! Chez Panisse opened its doors in 1971