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NAGAYA Dusseldorf, first class Japanese food!

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NAGAYA Dusseldorf, first class Japanese food!

First Class, excellent and luxury restaurant Japanese Restaurant in Dusseldorf Germany.

Not only fresh and a-la-minute made Sushi and Sashimi but also a wide selection of Main Courses. All dishes are served as “art”

One advice, dress for a night out in this “high-end” restaurant, comfortable a michelin-star service.

Millennia-old tradition can still resist in Japanese cuisine: From the easy and natural formulation finest ingredients, the careful use of sauces and spices, as well as the absence of fat up for gentle cooking of food. Enjoy this experience and enjoy the original taste of aesthetics and harmony of these small works of art.

The style of Yoshizumi Nagaya was influenced by the schools of Kandagawa, the grand master of the traditional Japanese diet, Hasho, the star of the modern Japanese cuisine at Armani / Nobu, Italy’s top destination for Japanese food.

2003, the Japanese food-art with the opening of Nagaya Dusseldorf is now in Germany served

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