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Real opinions from real experienced connoisseurs about restaurant & food around the world. No indistinct ratings, advertisement and sponsored advice… is the portal for “travelling around” and local foodies, We try to inform you about the best meal in town, not like others just with a standard restaurant overview. The best meal can be everywhere, in a supermarket around the corner, in a pop-up-restaurant, at the beach or in a park, a restaurant middle in the city or in a suburb.

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best ice cream in rome

BEST ICE CREAM SHOPS Rome Italy -Short lists-

Our best Ice Cream Shops in Rome, close to the Vatican:

1)     Ice cream@ Piazza Risorgimento (Gelateria Old Bridge‎, Viale dei Bastioni di Michelangelo 5, 00192 Rome, +39 06 3872 3026)

2)     Ice cream@ Prati “Siciliano” (Gelarmony 2, Via Marcantonio Colonna, 00192 Rome, +39 06 3202395)

3)     Ice cream@ Prati “Gracchi” (Gelateria dei Gracchi, Via dei Gracchi, 272, 00190 Rome, +39 06 321 6668)

a santa lucia restaurant milan italy

Milan, Milano; A Santa Lucia Restaurant (Italy) A must see and eat in Milan!

A Santa Lucia Restaurant. One of the place to be or hotspot in Milan! Open for real italian dinner times (late!)  Beautiful visitors and guests. Not only for the looks… Also actors, writers and designers will find this place.

It’s a monument in the centre of Milan, the ‘30s, same chairs, mirrors, tables, lamps, the wood on the walls, taken from the first seat in Via Agnello. Everything is simple and original!   Read the rest of this entry »

San Francisco Chez Panisse Must see and taste restaurant

San Francisco Chez Panisse Must see and taste restaurant

We simple can quote their own website, what we have to say more! Enjoy a stunning evening with classic food and atmosphere including excedent service all with a modern ‘twist. See you at Chez Panisse! Chez Panisse opened its doors in 1971 Read the rest of this entry »

Chapter One is an award winning Michelin star restaurant in Dublin city centre

Chapter One is an award winning Michelin star restaurant in Dublin city centre

Chapter One is an award winning Michelin star restaurant in Dublin city centre, head chef Ross Lewis focuses on local & seasonal produce to create an array of modern dishes with a combination of robust flavors.

Business diners, romantic evenings with wine, champagne and oysters. You will find it (all) here
Excellent food in a prefect atmosphere including private dining and a chefs table. Read the rest of this entry »

12 apostel berlin mitte restaurant tip

Restaurant 12 Apostel Berlin – Mitte (Germany)

The 12 Apostles in the middle are in the S-Bahn arches next to the Museum Island.

Lunch will be served here for a daily changing business lunch and special dishes. The favorite favorite stone oven pizzas at a reduced price for lunch In the “new center” of the city between opera houses, theaters, music halls and amusement street create our Italian frescoes, the special atmosphere in which they are glad to welcome you as a guests. Read the rest of this entry »

Food event Haarlem

Haarlem Food Event February 2012

The origin of the circle the BAVO, is shortly after the 2010 edition of Haarlem Culinary. Some participants were gathered for the event by speaking. It actually came out to show that they had to run a great event but that it was a pity that the entrepreneur, at such a busy event, hardly can promote his own restaurant. Their must be an alternative…. The idea stayed alive and ….


Read the rest of this entry »

brasserie lipp geneva restaurant

Brasserie Lipp Geneva Swiss

Simulates the name as a famous Parisian brasserie, this is the excellent clone in Geneva. Gevestigd op de derder verdieping van een prachting winkelcentrum, een schitterend winkelcentrum! Huisspecialiteiten als oesters, choucroute en cassoulet. Frivole maar klassieke obers staan voor je klaar.

During lunch time it’s a bustle in the restaurant, Many local business people and crowd … In the evening the biggest plus, the kitchen closes one of the last Geneva. Read the rest of this entry »

bogabar Madrid

El Bogavante del Almirante Madrid, Spain (Boga Bar)

In the heart of Madrid and a warm and welcoming, the restaurant El Bogavante del Almirante surprises with excellent Mediterranean cuisine specializing in rice dishes and seafood.  Among the dishes offered its extensive menu includes fresh fish of high quality, stews, rice and noodle dishes, being the signature dish with lobster Rice. So they can make a good marriage, the restaurant has a wine list selected national and international references. Famous are their Lobsters, Bogavante! Read the rest of this entry »


Het Zuiderterras Belgium Antwerp

Café-restaurant Zuiderterras looks like a moored ship on the river Scheldt, which is situated near the cruise terminal and the walking terrace of the same name as the restaurant. In the summer, you will find an attractive and spacious terrace in white boat oil waiting for you. The view is simply magnificent. There is also ample parking in the direct vicinity.

We liked it! Read the rest of this entry »


Caffè Toscanini Amsterdam The Netherlands, Italian food.. Excellent

Caffè Toscanini started in 1985 as a tiny Italian restaurant in the Jordaan, a typical quarter of Amsterdam. Soon it became known for its authentic Italian dishes, which were prepared with great care and served in a homely and relaxed atmosphere.

Unfailingly and with great love for the original Italian art of cooking food is prepared. Read the rest of this entry »

alaferme best restaurant tip amsterdam

Special Valentine’s Menu at A la ferme Amsterdam

Special Valentine’s Menu at A la ferme: Valentine’s Menu February 14th, 2012: welcome’s cocktail – lobster with crispy bacon, salad and lobster with tarragon – petit bouillabaisse with rouille and croutons - canette du canard and confit with a sauce of balsamic vinegar and Dutch made onions – tasting of chocolate.

A la Ferme one of our favorites. Honest & fair food products. Everything made  in-house, from bread to pate .. Read the rest of this entry »


Lisbon Portugal, Targus restaurant Tip!

Lisbon Portugal, excellent city with nice restaurants. Please be aware that some restaurants are focused on tourists. So our tip voor Lisboa is Targus restaurant (Rua Diaro Notigas 40B)

A nice venue where also the local (in)crowd like artists and celebritys will join their meal like sushi or Brasil Food.  Read the rest of this entry »

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Spazio Restaurant

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Spazio Restaurant ( 77th floor of the Kingdom tower)

Have your dinner or meal at the 77th Floor in Riyadh (is the capital and largest city of Saudi Arabia) ; fancy!!

“in continuation of the Spazio restaurant located in the 77th floor of the Kingdom tower “ way of making things happen” and with the passion for food and the inimitable location ; We at Spazio have just manifested a dazzling growth into not only quality and Panoramic views but also, astonishing new Modern , Calm , relaxed with excellence of service and top notch quality image!!  Read the rest of this entry »

Jopen Haarlem

Exclusive 6-course Christmas lunch or diner in the Jopen Kerk (Church), Haarlem the Netherlands

Exclusive 6-course Christmas lunch or diner in the Jopen Kerk (Church)!

Especially for Christmas; Jopen Kerk / beer organizes a Christmas lunch!
A great opportunity for the family to dinner.
Lunch; 6-course ts € 60.00 per person (for children under 12 years € 15.00 pp)

December 25, Christmas Day Lunch: 6-course Christmas menu 13.00-16.00
Dinner: 6-course Christmas dinner at 18:00

December 26, Boxing Day: Surprise menu. Arrival time of your choice.


About Jopen Haarlem: The former church in Haarlem is now a fully operational brewery, restaurant and grand café.While enjoying a drink or dinner, the brewing is for your eyes.

Cafe Colette

Cafe Colette, French Bistro International Style. New in Haarlem (Amsterdam Area) The Netherlands

A new Bistro in the greater Amsterdam District; Haarlem (10 km > amsterdam) near the beach of Bloemendaal / Zandvoort. The city of Haarlem is a mid-size city whats offer you a great number of culturale events in a historic centre

A nice new venue in the old city of Haarlem, Their payoff is correct ; a typical French Bistro with an international twist. Just have a look at their menu