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Bord’eau, Hotel de L’Europe Amsterdam TOP!!

Simple! The best restaurant of Holland. When you like the real classic France cuisine in a luxury ambiance, high-end services and all of this in the right balance where young, old, business and pleasure meet each other.You have to go to this fabulous restaurant middle in the centre of Amsterdam. Bord’eau the ‘replacement’ for former [...]

Special Valentine’s Menu at A la ferme Amsterdam

Special Valentine’s Menu at A la ferme: Valentine’s Menu February 14th, 2012: welcome’s cocktail – lobster with crispy bacon, salad and lobster with tarragon – petit bouillabaisse with rouille and croutons - canette du canard and confit with a sauce of balsamic vinegar and Dutch made onions – tasting of chocolate. A la Ferme one of our favorites. Honest & fair food products. Everything made  in-house, from bread to pate ..