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Drinks, Cocktails! The best cocktail bar in Amsterdam

A pretty new place in Amsterdam. Located in the old city centre of Amsterdam a new secret place. ( A upcoming hot spot for locals and cocktail lovers. A real cosy place, real bartenders and wide range of sublime cocktails, classics and your favorite custom mades (what we did!) Walking distance from the red light district, [...]

Aperitivo / Cocktails in Rome (Roma) Italy ; our top 3

The 3 best cocktail bars in Rome, just a summary for you aperitive: 1)     Gianicolo 150 – Salotto su Roma (Piazzale Giuseppe Garibaldi, Passeggiata Del Gianicolo, 00165 Rome, Tel. +39 333 4258461, Best view on Romans skyline: Stylish aperitivo and cocktail Bar all open air with the most beautiful view over the Roman skyline [...]