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The healthy and genuine gourmet gelato as if it was done by yourself, Rome

The best and most wonderful ice-cream specialties is Rome, Italy. A must-go, must-see and must-taste place in Rome In 2003 Maria Agnese Spagnuolo opened her individual gelato shop. Since then she rose from the ranks by creating unique flavours. The Passion of Maria Agnese for the freezing world transformed her shop into a fine atelier of the frozen [...]

BEST ICE CREAM SHOPS Rome Italy -Short lists-

Our best Ice Cream Shops in Rome, close to the Vatican: 1)     Ice cream@ Piazza Risorgimento (Gelateria Old Bridge‎, Viale dei Bastioni di Michelangelo 5, 00192 Rome, +39 06 3872 3026) 2)     Ice cream@ Prati “Siciliano” (Gelarmony 2, Via Marcantonio Colonna, 00192 Rome, +39 06 3202395) 3)     Ice cream@ Prati “Gracchi” (Gelateria dei Gracchi, Via [...]

Spotted! Pisa ijs Amsterdam (RAI) will open a complete new ice cafe in Amsterdam

Spotted! Pisa ijs Amsterdam (Scheldeplein / RAI) will open a complete new ice cafe in Amsterdam de Pijp. Pisa ijs (ice cream) is maybe the best ice in Holland established 1935 will open her second outlet in Amsterdam, in the former Coffe Company; van der Helstrstraat (62)   “Like this post” and we will update [...]