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Rome restaurant tip, lunch and diner

1 year old but still new restaurant in the Vatican area of Rome with a very nice 10€ lunch all you can eat buffet. For dinner the service is perfect. Beautiful and stylish interiors in “fifth avenue style”  black and white with artistic touch. Romantic but also for e serious business lunch or dinner. The Argentinians [...]

Rome, great diner.. don’t like food at all? ; go for the wine! Ferrara Ristorante

We had the roman artichoke (which looks like a flower) and is crispy fried so that even the leafs are delicious. Inside you walk over the wine cellar and will be able to look through the floor and see it… The outside seating, in particular the room terrace with wine leafs above is very romantic [...]

The healthy and genuine gourmet gelato as if it was done by yourself, Rome

The best and most wonderful ice-cream specialties is Rome, Italy. A must-go, must-see and must-taste place in Rome In 2003 Maria Agnese Spagnuolo opened her individual gelato shop. Since then she rose from the ranks by creating unique flavours. The Passion of Maria Agnese for the freezing world transformed her shop into a fine atelier of the frozen [...]

Vivi Bistrot, (picknick) restaurant in the largest park in Rome!

Immersed in the park of Villa Doria Pamphili, ViVi Bistrot is a place of inspiration and the feminine touch of Provence. Its atmosphere is transformed during the day, offering breakfast, lunch, tea time English and dinners by candlelight. Daniela Cristina, creators of ViVi Bistrot, have designed a magical place where the culture of hospitality is [...]

BEST ICE CREAM SHOPS Rome Italy -Short lists-

Our best Ice Cream Shops in Rome, close to the Vatican: 1)     Ice cream@ Piazza Risorgimento (Gelateria Old Bridge‎, Viale dei Bastioni di Michelangelo 5, 00192 Rome, +39 06 3872 3026) 2)     Ice cream@ Prati “Siciliano” (Gelarmony 2, Via Marcantonio Colonna, 00192 Rome, +39 06 3202395) 3)     Ice cream@ Prati “Gracchi” (Gelateria dei Gracchi, Via [...]


MET – Stylish Concept Restaurant with creative SUSHI, PIZZA MADE IN ITALY and CONTEMPORARY MEDITERRANEAN CUISINE – rounded up by wines or cocktails all in a beautiful oasis,  situated in the popular nightlife area of Ponte Milvio close to the Olympic village In the MET kitchen particular attention is given to fish, one of the [...]

Pizza Places Rome Italy -Short lists-

Our two best Pizza Places in Rome: 1)     Il peperoncino dispettoso (Viale delle Medaglie d’Oro, 158, 00136 Roma, Tel. +39 0635498451, 2)     L’isola della Pizza in Prati dal 1985 (Via degli Scipioni 41/51, 00192 Roma,  

Food and beach Rome Italy -Short list-

Food at the beach our favorites; 1)     Relax after lunch @Ondanomala (Villaggio dei Pescatori, Via Silvi Marina 105, +39 3355784613) 2)     Enjoy a miracle aperitif @Singita (Singita – the miracle beach – Villaggio dei Pescatori, +39 06 61964921, 3)     Dinner@La Locanda dei Pescatori (Lungomare di Ponente 123, Fregene, +39 066685529) All places are at [...]

Artistic and Food Places Rome Italy

Our Rome Artistic meets Food places (Short list) 1)     SHARI VARI Playhouse (Shari Vari, Via di Torre Argentina, 78, 00186 Roma, +39392984538, BUSINESS CAFE, APERITIF MUSICALE, RESTAURANT, AFTER-DINNER, FREE WIFI AREA, BOOK BAR, EAT TAPAS TILL NIGHT, CONTEMPORARY ART This was the famous Supperclub, now it recently re-opened as SHARI VARI PLAYHOUSE. Here you can enjoy dinner, [...]

BEST PANINI PLACES even until 3 o clock in the morning Rome Italy – Short lists-

Short lists Rome  ”BEST PANINI PLACES” 1)     200° (Duecento Gradi, Piazza del Risorgimento 3, 00192 Rome, +39 06 3975 4239, The reinvention of a traditional roman sandwich with ingredients that are always fresh and hand selected, the large range of sauces, including the famous 200° sauce, the personalization of each sandwich so that the [...]

Aperitivo / Cocktails in Rome (Roma) Italy ; our top 3

The 3 best cocktail bars in Rome, just a summary for you aperitive: 1)     Gianicolo 150 – Salotto su Roma (Piazzale Giuseppe Garibaldi, Passeggiata Del Gianicolo, 00165 Rome, Tel. +39 333 4258461, Best view on Romans skyline: Stylish aperitivo and cocktail Bar all open air with the most beautiful view over the Roman skyline [...]

Unforgettable truffle experience – Ristorante, Fonduteria & Taverna Lucifero,

where whole truffles are served finely shaved right over a plate of pasta as an unforgettable experience that goes beyond tasting and smelling – something for real food lovers. hidden in a typically smaller Roman alley close to “Piazza Campo dei Fiori” the heart of one of Romans most popular nightlife areas Taverna Lucifero which is famous for its truffles in particular [...]

Cozy place for wine lovers even on a cold Roman winter evening, DEL FRATE

located in the center of Prati close to the shopping street Via Cola di Rienzo and very close to one of the most crowded and “walked on streets” in Rome named “Via Ottaviano” that connects to the Vatican and the St. Peters Cathedral. This comfortable Wine Bar offers a small but perfectly matching menu that [...]

Gusto Rome (Italy) a Highlight!

Place to be & To see. In this beautiful building you will find the restaurant, special pizza area, WIne Bar and cookbook Store. Throughout the day you will see all kind of food and entertainment lovers in this ‘south european’ crowd. Also available, Fitness Brunch! This venue is with their visitors, the food and drinks a real Must [...]