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Barcelona Tapas and wine – Bar del Pla

We went there 3 times (once a year) A bit hidden in the city centre of Barcelona but worth exploring. Take the lamb, best lamb dish we ever had! Beautiful presentation of dishes, perfectly balanced food. Service is almost over the top and very friendly but authentic. Finish your great diner with desserts (yes multiple) [...]

The Living Room, Giri Residence Island Ibiza (spain) wellness and more…

Located in a private resort the in-house kitchen The Living Room presents exactly what the name embodies: good, old-fashioned home style cooking. Utilizing the freshest, highest quality ingredients and herbs the island naturally produces,  The Living Room offer you pure food – grown and sourced organically as possible, as close as the way nature intended it to be enjoyed.

Madrid (Spain) Belvedere Lounge / Olsen Bar and Restaurant

Great aperitif, good food and the after dinner drinks in the celler (Martini Lounge included ) will make your day!  Make a reservation or be there on time Belvedere Lounge / Olsen Bar and Restaurant ..more…>>   …

Pepita Pulgarcita (Valencia, Spain)

Small, modern a bit “art-house-minded” restaurant. This place is not typical spanish (you will find Ikea furniture) but the small open kitchen serves you fresh, tastful homemade (tiny open kitchen) meals in a non tourist ambiance! Comments   Map and picture

Barcelona, Spain, Passadis Del Pep; Excellent

One of the best restaurant I ever visited! Let them surprise you (you don’t have a choise) true food, a wide selection of fish, starters and specials. Reservations are hard to made, please ask a Spanish friend to do this for you. And take your time to find this place, located in a small alley.They [...]